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Emacspeak and VMWare

Your message below fails to say if 
the JFW session running under vmware is using the same synth
as emacspeak 
--that would explain the gibberish coming down --I'd be far
more prepared to believe that than to assume that vmware
simply sends things down the serial port.

You can disable speech in a specific buffer in emacspeak using C-e d q 
--precede it with  a C-u to disable speech in all buffers.
>>>>> "Nolan" == Nolan Darilek <nolan_d@bigfoot.com> writes:

    Nolan> As much as I wish I could live a windows-free
    Nolan> life, it won't be possible for much longer. So,
    Nolan> to avoid having to multiboot, I've grabbed VMWare
    Nolan> and am preparing to try running JAWS from within
    Nolan> a win98 session.

    Nolan> Ideally, I'd like to be able to launch VMWare in
    Nolan> one window and use Emacspeak simultaneously,
    Nolan> switching to and from VMWare without restarting
    Nolan> it. However, VMWare is extremely picky about the
    Nolan> serial port. I can run multiple Emacspeak
    Nolan> sessions simultaneously, and I naively assumed
    Nolan> that VMWare would act the same, sharing the port
    Nolan> nicely. But it doesn't, it spits lots of
    Nolan> gibberish down the port and, if any Emacspeak
    Nolan> sessions are running, I usually have to reboot my
    Nolan> box to clear the serial buffer; repowering the
    Nolan> dectalk or restarting Emacspeak has no
    Nolan> effect. I've also tried turning off the speech
    Nolan> synthesizer from within Emacspeak and even
    Nolan> killing the speech server, but the former doesn't
    Nolan> solve the problem and the latter results in the
    Nolan> speech server restarting.

    Nolan> So, is it somehow possible to temporarily disable
    Nolan> the speech server's access to the serial port? I
    Nolan> don't mind having to reset/restart the speech
    Nolan> server later. Also, is there some way to quickly
    Nolan> flush the data which is being buffered for the
    Nolan> serial port, in order to avoid having to reboot?

    Nolan> Thanks.

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