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Re: Appollo 1, 2 , Juno and Emacspeak

Petra - 

The emacspeak-ss includes a speech server which supports the
Apollo 2, JUNO, and JUNO-sp from Dolphin.  You can get emacspeak-ss
sources and RPM and DEB binary packages at the blinux ftp site.

		- Jim Van Zandt

>Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 10:13:52 +0200
>From: Petra Ritter <petra.ritter@freesurf.ch>
>Hallo all
>I have got 3 olt synthesizer Apollo 1 and 2 also I have a Juno all of them
>are from Dolphin. Can I use at least one of them with a emacspeak version. I
>don't mind  using a old version of Emacspeak as I am anyway new to Linux.
>Best regards

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