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terminal simulator

Well, I'v now gotten the system operating and am slowly
learning about emacs and emacspeak.  So far the system is not
terribly useful since all I can do is read documentation and open 
files whose exact path I know.   My current frustrations include:

1) How do I switch from one buffer to another?  Example, I've opened
  a help buffer to learn about some particular function or key sequence.
  How do I close the darn thing and get back to the buffer where I was? I've
   tried the C-x k to kill the current buffer, but that puts me in
   the scratch or message buffer, not where I was originally.

2) Using the terminal-simulator.

Using emacspeak 11.0 with Emacs 20.5 I open a terminal
simulator window with 

M-x terminal-simulator

The window opens with my default shell which is /bin/ksh and
I am in an active terminal session.
Unfortunately this terminal window is completely silent and
none of the emacspeak commands work in this window. For
example  C-e l  does not speak the current line. Is there something
specific I need to do to get the terminal simulator function to talk?

Thanks. I'm making progress, slowly.


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