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Another Newbie with questions

(I bet you guys get tired of this)
I have just struggled through an installation of FreeBSD 4.0 with a lot of
reading help and want to get some speech running so I can use this thing
independently -
Reading the archives most of the questions here seem to be about Linux - I
set the FreeBSD up to be binary compatible so this should be ok.
First question: I went to the IBM site to get ViaVoice as suggested several
times on this list and there is a bewildering array of packages, which
one(s) do I need?
I also have DECtalk, would this be easier?
Second Question: I can't seem to run the 'make'. Error I get is
'don't know how to make %.el Stop error code 2'
(guessing now that have some path or other variable not set right in the
Unix install)

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