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Re: request information.

>>>>> "R" == Robert J Chassell <bob@rattlesnake.com> writes:

    R> The English word `free' has several meanings.  As Miguel de
    R> Icaza, the leader of the GNOME desktop project, once said to
    R> me,

    R> English is broken; it does not distinguish between `free beer'
    R> and `free speech'.

English is not broken.  When given enough free beer, all Anglophones
eventually beging to speak freely.

With all due respect to Bruce Perens, Miguel and ESR, "free" is a
better word because free software is _all_ of "at large" (lock your
windows, the penguins are free), "generous" (Linus is very free with
his code), "not under constraint" (unlike a Sun or Mozilla
'open-source' license), "not exact or literal" (but more posix than
other free interpretations)

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