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Zipspeak 7.1.1 (Floppy version)


I have installed Zipspeak from floppies. There was no probs until it cames
to the Floppy no. 26 (the last one).

When I unzip this floppy I got very often the Warning:
PKunzip can't create c:\linux\........ On the specific machine is DOS 6.2.2
running and I used PKUNZIP version 2.04G. I have the bad fieling that the
files that are effected by this probem has not been copied on the hard drive
because I got some errors during the start of Linux.

Had someone the same probems experienced as I have? I would like to have
that problem sorted before I begin to learn Lnix.

Shell I try to use the floppy no. 26 from Zipslack instaed of the one of
Zipspeak? Or can someone send a working copy of the file zipspe26.zip?

Hope of a answer soon.


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