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remote emacspeak over ssh was:terminal echo problem

Yes, I have been using the remote-tcl type remote session, however I
do not see any reason you could not use the newer server and tunnel the
session over ssh.

I am swamped right now, hopfully in a few days I can try and set it
up.  Once I set it up I will post what I did to the list.

I have tunneled pop and ftp through ssh in the past, I don't see why
this whould be any differant.  The ssh man page states:

     Forwarding of arbitrary TCP/IP connections over  the  secure
     channel can be specified either on command line or in a con-
     figuration file. 

I will try and set it up and let the list know.

- Greg

>>>>> "T. V. Raman" == T V Raman <ramantv@earthlink.net> writes:

T. V. Raman> I assume this is using  the emacspeak 7.0 vintage solution
T. V. Raman> of using rsh/ssh to run the server rmeotely.
T. V. Raman> I suspect that the newer speech-server which is what I now
T. V. Raman> use may not work over ssh --though I might well be wrong.

 Greg Priest-Dorman

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