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Running out of options - Accent SA and Redhat 6.??

I'm trying - still - to make my redhat installation work with an accent SA
To date, I've been able to get zipspeak working in a shell prompt but when I
run Emacs or VI, almost nothing is spoken.  Trying to navigate around a
emacs document using either arrow commands or ctrl_n ctrl _ b .. produces no
speech output.  Moving up and down lines only speaks line numbers.

In VI, not really sure if same is happening or I'm just not executing
commands properly.

Preference would be to use Emacs as it seems better/easier documented.

Wondering if the notebook I've got my linux OS running on has some unusual
video attributes that either Zip speak, emacspeak and/or linux don't like;
Neomajic magicgraph.

Suggestions????  Please.

Lui Greco
(506) 657-3576

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