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Re: FW: Bad link in documentation - Viavoice tts rpm

You only need the ViaVoice_TTS_rtk-5.1-1.2 rpm. 

Over the last couple of weeks there have been a lot of posts to this
list regarding viavoice, confusion over the name, url and what
packages to install. As I posted all of this info to this list only
about a month or so ago, I'm now wondering if the list is still being
archived and if so why people don't save themselves time by checking
it out when they have questions? If the archiving is still happening,
do we need to add a note about it to the bottom of the list messages
along with the subscribe/unsubscribe details to alert/remind people
about it? I ask this because my own experience when getting started
was that 90% of the questions I had were answered in the list archives
and I found answers a lot quicker using it than by posting to the


DPawson@rnib.org.uk writes:
> James asked me to forward this to the list:
> From: Random Factor [mailto:random@unbounded.com]
> <James>
> The name of this package has changed, it isn't refered to as "outloud"
> anymore.  I can't remember the URL's, but on my system, the two rpm's I have
> installed are called somthing like ViaVoice-tts-rtk.rpm and
> ViaVoice-tts-sdk.rpm.  tts is text to speech. rtk is run time kit.  sdk is
> source development kit.  
> </james>
> <daveP>
> Anyone know if both rpms are needed, or just the text to speech?
> (and if its needed for both dectalk and other speech engines?
> </daveP>
> Regards DaveP
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