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RE: audio icons and stdio_musician1.0

>>>>> "T.V." == T V Raman <ramantv@earthlink.net> writes:

T.V.> Greg --
T.V.> STDIOM requires the commercial OSS header files to build 
T.V.> --the claim is that the pre-built version works...

Prebuilt version does not work for me with debian 2.2, but a correctly
recompiled version of stdiosynth does work for me.

Stdiosynth does compile and work under debian without the commercial
OSS header files.  I had a mistyped the line continaing the location
of soundcard.h.  Once I corrected that typo I was able to rebuild
stdiosynth and this new version works fine.

To get stdiosynth to compile under debian without the commercial OSS
header files, I replaced the line in stdiosynth.c that was:

#include "/usr/lib/oss/soundcard.h"


#include "/usr/src/kernel-source-2.2.17/include/linux/soundcard.h"

There are several "soundcard.h" files on my system.  This is the first
one I tried once I noticed my typo.  I would suspect that using one of
the other soundcard.h files would work as well.

Thanks for the responces,

 Greg Priest-Dorman

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