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capitalization question?

Hi all,

I know how to turn on capitalization in Emacspeak, but one thing it
doesn't do, and I wish it did is this.  I want to be able to run my
arrow keys over a word and be able to tell whether that word is
capatalized or if any letters within it are capitalized.  As it is, I
can use the up and down arrow keys to hear the line and the pock sound
comes when words are in caps.  However, checking by letter doesn't
allow for hearing the cap sound.  

I find that when editing or proofing materials this is a distinct
disadvantage.  I have two questions, please?

One, am I missing some command or other to allow me to do this?

Two, could something be done about this in the next release of
Emacspeak, please.  

Thanks for reading.

Ann P.

Ann K. Parsons:  email:  akp@eznet.net
evoice:  2440477     ICQ Number:  33006854
WEB SITE:  http://home.eznet.net/~akp
"All that is gold does not glitter.  Not all those who wander are lost."  JRRT

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