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emacspeak and OSS soft mixer

Hi Folks,

I was just wondering if anyone has direct experiance using the for
purchase 4Front-Tech OSS soft mixer with ViaVoice and emacspeak?

I extensively use emacspeak as an appointment reminder. As I use the
computer more and more for listening to other sources like mpegs I
have lost out on my apointment reminders.

Additionaly, I would like to able to take notes on what I am hearing.
I do this now when listening to RFB/LOC tapes.  It would be nice to
have that functionality when listening to books or news on the

I have tried the trial version of the soft mixer and encountered some
problems with ViaVoice.  These may well be do to missconfiguration on
my part, but before I spend a lot of time trying to figure that out, I
thought I would ask if anyone else was using this product in this way.



 Greg Priest-Dorman

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