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emacspeak and OSS soft mixer

Greg --
I haven't used the mixer but if you do find it works it
would be useful.
Let me know where one buys it and what it costs.

Also, for your specific question about taking notes as you
Try the following:

Switch to a buffer where you want to write the notes, and
turn off speech in that buffer.
Then launch emacspeak reading  the buffer containing the
book you are reading 
something like 
(defun emacspeak-read-this-buffer (buffer)
(set-buffer buffer)
(emacspeak-speak-buffer )))
--will do it 
--note the above is code that is untried and untested --I
just typed it into the mail message.

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg E Priest-Dorman <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu> writes:

    Greg> Hi Folks, I was just wondering if anyone has
    Greg> direct experiance using the for purchase
    Greg> 4Front-Tech OSS soft mixer with ViaVoice and
    Greg> emacspeak?

    Greg> I extensively use emacspeak as an appointment
    Greg> reminder. As I use the computer more and more for
    Greg> listening to other sources like mpegs I have lost
    Greg> out on my apointment reminders.

    Greg> Additionaly, I would like to able to take notes on
    Greg> what I am hearing.  I do this now when listening
    Greg> to RFB/LOC tapes.  It would be nice to have that
    Greg> functionality when listening to books or news on
    Greg> the computer.

    Greg> I have tried the trial version of the soft mixer
    Greg> and encountered some problems with ViaVoice.
    Greg> These may well be do to missconfiguration on my
    Greg> part, but before I spend a lot of time trying to
    Greg> figure that out, I thought I would ask if anyone
    Greg> else was using this product in this way.

    Greg> Thanks,

    Greg> Greg

    Greg> -- Greg Priest-Dorman priestdo@cs.vassar.edu

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Best Regards,

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