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RE: Emacsspeak on Zipspeak

>>>>> "Petra" == Petra Ritter <petra.ritter@freesurf.ch> writes:

Petra> Hello,
Petra> I would like to use emacsspeak on zipspeak which is installed on a 486 PC.
Petra> Is there any chance to get it running?

I have never used the Zipspeak install, so I can't help you out with
that part of your question.

However you are not the first person to ask about emacspeak and
zipspeak, perhaps one of the folks running that combination can offer
up some advice?   Or if no one is running that combination can someone
who tried it tell us why they abandoned it?

I can tell you that I ran emacspeak on a 486 for quite some time very
successfully.  When I used emacspeak with a 486 I was using a dectalk
multivoice, and then later a dectalk express.  

Best of luck,

 Greg Priest-Dorman

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