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Emacspeak 13.0

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@tim.northnet.com.au> writes:

    Tim> First off, I'd like to thank Raman for releasing a
    Tim> new version with even more
    Tim> enhancements/extensions. As usual its worth every
    Tim> cent (and a lot more!).
where's the cheque?
    Tim> I have just a couple of questions -

    Tim> 1. I notice in this new version that mini-buffer
    Tim> prompts behave differently. Rather than getting the
    Tim> whole of the text showen in the minibuffer, I now
    Tim> only hear the last part, usually the part following
Specify version of emacs and speech synth.
what you describe does not happen in my own usage 
--so there might wel be something you're loading in your
     .emacs that might be causing it--
run emacspeak without your .emacs and check first.

Note that what you are describing *will* happen under the
present Emacs 21 pretests --though those are not generally
available yet.
    Tim> the : in the text. For example, when opening a
    Tim> dired buffer instead of getting dired directory ~/
    Tim> spoken I now just get ~/ and it seems the part
    Tim> before the : is being skipped. The same with many
    Tim> other commands I've tried. This is not a huge
    Tim> problem, but it does mean that you don't hear
    Tim> "default" values in some prompts which I use to
    Tim> find useful and I quite liked the feedback
    Tim> confirming I had hit the right key. For example,
Also, ensure there is no mixing of old and new installations.
    Tim> under vm when you hit s to save an e-mail, you
     don't get spoken feedback on what is the current
    Tim> default save folder (normally the last folder saved
    Tim> to). In dired when you do operations like rename,
    Tim> copy etc, you don't get a prompt saying something
    Tim> like "rename myfile to ~/ - instead I just get
    Tim> ~/. So, is this a new "feature" designed to cut
    Tim> down the amount of speech or a bug or a new
    Tim> configuration option?

    Tim> 2. I'm very keen to try out the sawfish support as
    Tim> that is the window manager I use. In fact, the
    Tim> original reason I installed this window manager was
    Tim> I thought it would provide the best possability for
    Tim> getting some speech support in a window manager (as
    Tim> it is lisp based). So far I have not been able to
    Tim> get it to run on my system. I have edited the files
    Tim> in the sawfish directory so that they fit with my
    Tim> installation, but no luck (it is early days). I
    Tim> just wanted to find out what versions of sawfish
    Tim> this has run under (to compare with my
    Tim> version). Also, do you need to be running the
    Tim> speech-server on the system before you start an
    Tim> xsession (I'm guessing you need to run the
    Tim> speech-server from what I've been able to see in
Copy the sample sawfishrc to your home directory 
as ".sawfishrc"
--notice that that file does a 
--that function is defined in tts.jl and launches the
     dectalk speech server by default.
If you change it to use outloud,
and emacs launches and starts talking --timing issues 
may cause the speech server launched by sawfish to give up 
--after emacs  is done starting up 
--do M-x sawfish-interactive 
--and evaluate the form 
--you need to install sawfish.el to get command sawfish-interactive
    Tim> the code). Are there any extra tricks/steps which
    Tim> need to be done which are not obvious from looking
    Tim> at the sawfish lisp files and the sawfishrc file?
    Tim> I've confirmed the speech-server is working
    Tim> correctly by using C-e M-r within emacspeak and by
    Tim> telneting to the port its listening on (I left this
    Tim> as 2222). I'm running the latest version of sawfish
    Tim> and helix gnome. I was running an older version
    Tim> initially, but decided it was probably best to
    Tim> upgrade to the latest version (0.33.1).
the newer the version the better 

    Tim> I don't mind putting some time into getting the
    Tim> sawfish/emacspeak combination working as it would
    Tim> be very useful and I've been sort of looking for a
    Tim> lisp project to work on in my spare time (I've not
    Tim> really done any lisp apart form hacking my emacs
    Tim> config file) and I think it wold be a really great
    Tim> extension to the emacspeak environment (I've
    Tim> certainly wanted something to help navigate around
    Tim> my X windows for some time) and an chance to
    Tim> develop some lisp skills.

    Tim> finally, I noticed in the emacspeak/etc file a perl
    Tim> script called last-log.pl. Looking at the code I
It's what I use for emitting the name of the host I logged
     in from  into .emacspeak/current-hostname --
    Tim> can work out what it does, but I'm not sure what
    Tim> purpose its supposed to fulfill. Can someone fill
    Tim> me in?

    Tim> thanks

    Tim> Tim -- Tim Cross NorthNet Internet Services mailto:
    Tim> tcross@northnet.com.au phone: +61 2 6772 5973
    Tim> mobile: 0412 969193
    Tim> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Best Regards,

Email:  raman@cs.cornell.edu
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