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viavoice dictation and emacspeak

You definitely need to enroll/train the engine before
dictation will work.

I myself did this using an enroll script written using
tcl/smapi --I suspect that script is part of the cvs archive
for tclsmapi. 
Look for it there, and if you dont find it let me know.

Note that when training it you should use headphones for the
speech output so the thing doesn't get confused.

Once trained, it works fine with the recognized speech
spoken back as text gets inserted.
>>>>> "bart" == bart bunting <bart@urnet.com.au> writes:

    bart> Hi everyone,

    bart> Finally got around to installing IBM's viavoice
    bart> speech recog software.

    bart> It's all working fine and dictation from emacspeak
    bart> is ok.  The problem is I have been unable to work
    bart> out how to enrol a user properly without using X.

    bart> I've got the user created and the engine is trying
    bart> to recognise what i'm saying.  To be blunt it's
    bart> crap, it does get some words correct.  I imagine
    bart> that is only due to the fact I've not propperly
    bart> trained the voice model.

    bart> what has everyone else done to get around this?

    bart> I have vague memories of a commandline interface
    bart> to enrolling but can't find it after quite a few
    bart> searches.

    bart> It's not part of the tcl/smapi API which allows
    bart> you to talk to the recog engine using tcl.  It
    bart> could however be written I suspect without too
    bart> much trouble.  Does anyone know of a way of doing
    bart> this or interested in helping with this?

    bart> Bart

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Best Regards,

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