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Newbie - emacspeak and internal Apollo card

Can anyone advise me please. I've got the Mandrake 7.2 distribution of 
Linux and I've just installed emacspeak-13.0-1.  Is it possible to get 
speech output through my internal speech synthesiser?  This card, which 
I know as an Apollo but which is also known as a PC2 card came from 
Dolphin. It works fine under DOS and Windows.

Under a DOS speech output program I have the following setting in an 
.ini file:

As I'm very new to Linux, is there anyone who can take me through the 
steps needed to get speech output from emacspeak via the PC2 card, but 
in not too technical language please.

Many thanks for your help.
John Elsworth           mailto:john.elsworth@mbira.demon.co.uk

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