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Re: Newbie - emacspeak and internal Apollo card

In article <m140dC1-0006IMC@vanzandt.mv.com>, James R. Van Zandt 
<jrv@vanzandt.mv.com> writes
>John -
>My emacspeak-ss package includes a server for some Apollo
>devices, but not the internal one.  The README file is attached.
>       - Jim Van Zandt
>The apollo server is designed to support the following Dolphin series
>2 speech synthesizers: Apollo 2, JUNO, and JUNO-sp.  The
>synthesizer must be connected to a serial port, and be set for 9600
>n 8 1 (the factory default).

Thanks Jim, but as my speech synthesiser is on an internal ISA card I'm 
not sure how to go with this. Would it be possible to tweak your 
emacspeak-ss package to support the internal card?

I'm beginning to wonder if I am I the only person trying to use 
emacspeak with the internal version of the Apollo?  I know that Dolphin 
support this card for use under Windows with their HAL screen reader 
software, so I assumed that what I have is not an unusual setup. (As 
someone commented elsewhere: would anyone really trust HAL in the year 

I'd be very pleased to hear from anyone who is successfully using the 
internal Apollo with emacspeak.

Best regards.
John Elsworth           mailto:john.elsworth@mbira.demon.co.uk

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