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Re: Emacspeak and Handhelds

mostly bunk --shows you've been hanging out with darkside
Linux runs happily on my IPAQ --uptime says it has been up
for over 60 days.
You can always connect a keyboard to the IPAQ if you want
--or plug it into the serial port of your laptop or

>>>>> "Bryan" == Bryan Smart <brsmart@mindspring.com> writes:

    Bryan> Raman says:
    >> OUCH --wouldn't run WINCE.  you would be better off
    >> pursuing Linux on a hand-held.

    Bryan> I'm not aware of many Linux handhelds at the
    Bryan> moment other than the Agenda, and it lacks a
    Bryan> keyboard.

    Bryan> It is possible to run Linux on many handhelds
    Bryan> that ship with CE, but space concerns with the
    Bryan> limited memory in a handheld lead me to think
    Bryan> that this may not be a good solution.  I believe,
    Bryan> and I may be wrong, that CE is present in ROM on
    Bryan> these units, where as Linux distros would be
    Bryan> required to live in the 32MB or 64MB of flash RAM
    Bryan> that is present on these devices.  After the
    Bryan> addition of Emacs, software synth, etc, the
    Bryan> available space would be greatly reduced, though
    Bryan> it would still be far superior to note takers
    Bryan> from Blazy (Freedom Scientific) or Artic.

    Bryan> Bryan

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