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Dependent libraries from IBM Viavoice in Emacspeak's RPM

who said the rpm depends on the viavoice library?
It's a symptom of rpm that it snapshots the system where it
is built --
read the RPM man page and do a rpm --nodeps to install the
Or if you're too lazy to do that pick up the source rpm --or
the source tarball and install that.
There are better things to do than going around packing up
things for free-loaders who are too lazy to do things for
themselves --this goes not just to this specific poster but
to others on this list as well.
>>>>> "Victor" == Victor Tsaran <vtsaran@nimbus.ocis.temple.edu> writes:

    Victor> Hi, Raman and others!  I wanted to ask what was
    Victor> the reason for making Emacspeak's RPM be
    Victor> dependent on IBM Viavoice's RTK library? What if
    Victor> I don't plan on using IBM Viavoice?  It just
    Victor> makes life so much more complicated when trying
    Victor> to install Emacspeak. Would it be possible to
    Victor> distribute that library with Emacspeak? I would
    Victor> imagine that the answer would be "no" because of
    Victor> the license restrictions.  Best, Victor

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Best Regards,

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