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Emacsspeak on Cd-Rom?


Is it possible to burn a CD-Rom from Emacsspeak and then to install it from

My Problem is I have a WinModem on my IBM Thinkpad and I am not quite sure
whether it works under SuSE-Linux 7.0. The other possibility is that I
Download the packets on my Windows 98 (using Win) Partition and then
installing it from there.

If anybody nows how I get a Lucent WinModem to work, information are most

By the way what compiler I need to compile emacspeak source code I believe
that there is no binary for SuSE-Linux 7.0, or should I try the binary from
another Distribution.

I am a beginner on Linux but If I need I can get help to compile source
code. The only thing is this people are sighted and have never heard of a
Screen Reader at all. So I have to explain to them what kind of help I need.



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