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Re: Emacsspeak on Cd-Rom?

Please try the following:

When in windows where your modem works, down load the emacspeak
source.  emacspeak-13.0.tar.gz

Put it on your hard drive in a location that it can be accessed when
you reboot the machien under linux.  If your machien when boted up
runnig linux is not set up to see your windows space then save the
file on a floppy - it is small enough to fit on one and reboot your
machine under linux.  If you do not have a floppy drive with your
laptop then ask one of the people you refered to who can help you to
set up linux so that it can see your windows disk partitions.

Once you have the emacspeak-13.0.tar.gz file in a location that can be
seen when you are running linux copy it to some location you wnat to
build it from on your linux box and then type

tar xzf emacspeak-13.0.tar.gz

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