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Remote Attendance of the Linux Accessibility Conference

Dear All,
     It looks as if remote attendance of the Linux
Accessibility Conference will be possible.  I should
say in advance that we are not sure that everything
will work as planned, but if the phone line, ISP,
laptop, and software cooperate, it should be possible
to remotely participate.
     First go to http://www.speakfreely.org and
download the appropriate version of Speak Freely for
your computer.  Then, assuming you are using the Linux
version of Speak Freely type these commands:

	sfspeaker -j &
	sfspeaker -j -p4074 &
	sfmike mattcamp.dyn.dhs.org:4074

     If you using the Windows, you'll have to read the
documentation to learn how to setup the client, as we
have no experience with that version.
     The conference is March 22-23, approximately 9:00
to 5:00 Pacific Time on both days.  Please visit
#ocularis on irc.openprojects.net or e-mail
mattcampbell@pobox.com if you encounter problems with
the Speak Freely server.
     If you are remotely attending and can afford to
pay to help alleviate the costs of the Internet
connection, please contact me
(jpsc@users.sourceforge.net or 206-849-9032).  Special
thanks to Matt Campbell for hosting the Speak Freely
     The Linux Accessibility Conference will be taking
place onMarch 22-23 in Plaza D of the Hilton Hotel at
LAX.  See http://ocularis.sourceforge.net for more

--JP Schnapper-Casteras
Organizer of the Linux Accessibility Conference
Founder and Co-Admin of Project Ocularis

Cell Phone  -  206-849-9032
Time Zone   -  Pacific (-08:00 UTC)
Home Page   -  http://ocularis.sourceforge.net

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