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Re: emacspeak speaking engine for personal needs

I thought emacspeak-dtk-sync should prevent flushing.  Doesn't it?

>>>>> "TVR" == T V Raman <raman@cs.cornell.edu> writes:

TVR> this will not work because dtk-speak causes the previous
TVR> speech to flush.

>>>>> "Dm" == Dm Paduchih <paduch@imm.uran.ru> writes:

Dm> Hi folks!

Dm> I would like to use emacspeak speaking possibilities
Dm> from within my own custom commands.  But I have
Dm> found some difficulties with speaking out several
Dm> messages one by one.  For example, i have written
Dm> the following simple routine to read text
Dm> continuously sentence by sentence.  However it just
Dm> passes silently through all text or reads only some
Dm> part.

Dm> ;;; This reads buffer sentence by sentence

Dm> (defun my-read-book () (interactive)
Dm> (dtk-set-punctuations 'none) (emacspeak-dtk-sync)
Dm> (let ((old (point))) (while (re-search-forward
Dm> sentence-end nil t) (dtk-speak
Dm> (buffer-substring-no-properties old (point)))
Dm> (emacspeak-dtk-sync) (setq old (point)) )))

Dm> What is wrong with this code?  Or maybe it is a
Dm> problem with my speech server?  Has anyone this code
Dm> working?

Dm> Thanks. Dmitry

Best Regards.  Dmitry

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