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RE: emacspeaks with festival on debian woody

Emacspeak works very well with via voice. It works best if you have at
least 128Mb of memory. Get the via voice rpm from IBM and use
emacspeak 13. Once you have installed emacspeak look in
for some info on setting up the viavoice server (note that it use to
be called viavoice outloud, but IBM seem to have dropped the
'outloud' part. 

I don't know if the viavoice package is available as a debian .deb
package, so you may have to use one of the conversion programs to
convert it from an rpm - don't know much about debian. 

benny k writes:
> > Emacspeak does not currently support Festival as a synthesis option.
> Are there any software synthesisers that do work with Emacspeak. I have
> read an old message on this list that suggested that Via Voice would
> work. If this is true, is there any documentation?
> b

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