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load-file-name variable

load-file-name appears to be a new thing 
but I dont have a problem your using it --though looking at
its documentation (attached below)
and your message I am not sure how/where you intend using

Also, make sure you work against the cvs version on
sourceforge so you can mail in meaningful patches if it
becomes necessary.
load-file-name's value is 

Full name of file being loaded by `load'.
>>>>> "Koichi" == Koichi INOUE <inoue@argv.org> writes:

    Koichi> Hi, Raman and listers; I have another suggestion
    Koichi> about Emacspeak.  ;; I will try to learn about
    Koichi> forward-word too.

    Koichi> In Emacs-20.7 and Emacs-21.0.x (possibly more
    Koichi> earlier versions) have a variable named
    Koichi> load-file-name. This variable is bound to the
    Koichi> full path name of loaded file by load()
    Koichi> function.  Are you aware of this?  I think it is
    Koichi> a very good news that we can eliminate make
    Koichi> config in lisp directory.  If there seems to be
    Koichi> no problem, I will use this veriable in BEP.
    Koichi> Because BEP supports Emacs-20.6 and higher
    Koichi> because of some lack of multilingualization
    Koichi> feature.  How do you think about this, Raman?

    Koichi> -- Koichi Inoue, ARGV E-Mail: inoue@argv.org ICQ
    Koichi> UIN: 74900690

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Best Regards,

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To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
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