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Doubletalk server 1.7, emacspeak13.0, redhat7.0

Hello, listers!
I am really surprised that this topic hajsn't been discussed on this list. 
Looks like I am the only one having the problem.
I just installed fresh new Redhat7.0 with Emacspeak13.0 and Emacspeak-ss-1.7 
using DoubleTalk LT version 5.30. Upon running Emacspeak, I get the usual 
"speaker not running" error. I went into the "servers" directory with the 
synthesizer drivers and ran "tcl doubletalk" hoping that perhaps the problem 
was just with incorrectly-specificed environment variables. However, 
Doubletalk still refused to talk. I followed all the steps mentioned in the 
"TROUBLESHOOTING" file under the "documentation" directory for emacspeak-ss. 
Nothing resolved the problem. I had similar experience with Redhat7.0 on two 
machines. With 6.2 everything was running fine. I was installing new Redhat 
from the ground, so no corruption of settings could be possible. However, this 
is a strange thing...
I have another screen reader called YASR, which is just a shell reader. WHen I 
run it and then try "tcl doubletalk", I hear the report of different voices. 
If I run Emacspeak in another shell, I get Doubletalk driver talking, sort 
of... As soon as I unload YASR, Doubletalk refuses to talk again. Please 
notice that Doubletalk works fine with YASR itself. I restart the machine to 
clean out the memory from YASR (although it doesn't leave any traces), but 
Doubletalk and Emacspeak still do not want to cooperate.
Anyone has an idea of what is going on? I looked inside the TCL script for 
Doubletalk server, but found nothingsuspecious.
I'd appreciate any comments.

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