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Re: Doubletalk server 1.7, emacspeak13.0, redhat7.0


I have not used the doubletalk for a little over 6 months and then
under debian with an older version of, well, everything.  I will be
using it again shortly.  As a result of my absence, these comments may
be out of place, take with a grain of salt...

I use an internal doubletalk.  For that there is a loadable kernel
module that I had to build and load.  Is it posible that you need this
module as well and that it is not loaded by default?  I remember
adding a line or two to load and test it on start up.

The behavior you are seeing with the other program could result from
this other program loading and unloading that module.

The command "lsmod" might help track this down.  Try it befor and
durring the working speech program (from another virtual terminal).

You can send its output to a file if you like with:

lsmod > output.with.no.speach

and then be able to examine the file

Hope this helps,

 Greg Priest-Dorman

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