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A few questions about Emacspeak

Hi all,

Kiran, I'll try to answer your questions.  

>>>>> "Kiran" == Kiran Kaja <kk12@eth.net> writes:

    Kiran> Hello, I am a new member on this list. I am an
    Kiran> undergraduate student from India. I have installed
    Kiran> Emacspeak 13.0 and IBM ViaVoice on RedHat Linux 6.2. I have
    Kiran> a few questions.

    Kiran> 1. How do I change the rate of speech globally in
    Kiran> Emacspeak. C-e D R seems to change it locally.

You have to put a command in your .emacspeak file.  I do not know the
format for that command, but someone here will.  I suppose I could go
look it up in my own file, but may give you wrong info.

    Kiran>  2. Does Emacspeak allow for reviewing the screen without
    Kiran>  moving the  insertion point?  

Yes, there are several commands for this.  Try c-h E.  That should
bring up the emacspeak commands.  

    Kiran>3. Is there a command in Emacspeak which
Kiran> allows for continuous reading to the end of the buffer?  

Yes, c-c b reads the entire buffer.  c-c n reads from point to end of

    Kiran> 4. Where can I get a complete list of Emacspeak commands?  

As I say, try c-h e.  

    Kiran> 5. Are tutorials available for learning the Emacs editor?  

Yes, try c-h t  that will start the tutorial.  You should get much
from it.  There are also some good books from O'Reilly Associates on
Emacs.  They will send them to you as ASCII files if you send them a
fax from your doctor to say you are blind.  Contact Lenny Muellner

Also try C-h m when in any mode to see what commands you can use.  In
addition, if your info files were set up properly, don't ask me how to
do so, typing c-h i will give you a whole bunch of info on emacs and
emacspeak and so on and on.  Docs is something that Linux doesn't lack
at all!

Good luck.

Ann P.

			Ann K. Parsons  
email:  akp@eznet.net 			ICQ Number:  33006854
WEB SITE:  http://home.eznet.net/~akp
"All that is gold does not glitter.  Not all those who wander are lost."  JRRT

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