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Re: A few questions about Emacspeak

Hi Kiran Kaja,

Some additional hints are here.

>>>>> "VT" == Victor Tsaran <vtsaran@nimbus.ocis.temple.edu> writes:


>> 3. Is there a command in Emacspeak which allows for continuous reading to
>> the end of the buffer?
VT> c-e (

I have that command bound to Control e cap B.  


>> 4. Where can I get a complete list of Emacspeak commands?
VT> There are a lot of commands, this is true. Use Emacspeak's help by pressing 
VT> cc-h c-e. To get a specific help on a particular mode use c-e c-m.

For more complete list try control h a emacspeak RET.
I suggest that You learn more about Emacs' control h stuff.
Such as control h k, control h f, control h v and so on.
It is very helpful.

Moreover You can use such commands as
meta-x apropos
meta-x apropos-variable

>> 5. Are tutorials available for learning the Emacs editor? If so where can I
>> find them?

A very comprehensive manual is distributed with Emacs.  You can get it
typing control h i.  Search for the line
* Emacs: (emacs-e20).      The extensible self-documenting text editor.
and then press RET at the beginning.

Regards, - Dmitry

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