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X-windows and emacspeak


I am running emacspeak 14.0 with emacs 20.7 simlinking the emacs command
to the emacs-no-x11 version. But I had to install x-windows system
completely to get emacspeak to build. Or was I doing something else wrong?

I think the error message said I needed libXaw.so.6 or something like
that. So, I installed all of x-win.

Q. Can I safely remove x-windows and just leave the libraries?

Q. a better question might be this one: What x-windows libraries does
emacspeak need to run correctly?

Q. Does emacspeak run under a full x-windows with X running? Am I missing
features of emacspeak if I run the non-x11 version of emacs?

I assume emacspeak does not really need X-win except maybe for some libs.
Am I correct?

Q. Where do I get the audible midi icons from and how complicated is it to
install them under emacspeak? I understand there are quite noisy but very

Q. What about sawfish. Doesn't sawfish need X-win and does it not run
under X-win as an X-win app? They how can it work with emacspeak? Am I
missing some pieces, here?

Thanks again people. I have made tremendous progress in one day. I think I
should take a well-deserved break, even from my favorite hobby.

Billy G

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