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then I keyed the "exit" or "logout" to end my terminal session.

Q. I was still in the terminal buffer after my session logged out. I tried
to kill the terminal buffer and got the message "current buffer has no
process". Any key I press says "current buffer has no process". I can't
even use f10 or esc grave accent to bring up the emacs menu. my keyboard
is locked up after I logout of eterm. How do I fix this problem?

Q. When I access eterm with (C-e M-r) instead of (C-e esc C-r), eterm
additionally prompts me for my port number after I input my host name.
Why. Which key binding should I use to invoke eterm? My default port
number is 2222. But it will not establish a connection because I am
running on my own pc.

If I want to use full-screen programs from a bash shell running under
emacs, what should my terminal type be and how do I set it up. I have a
windows 95 104 key keyboard. I am running a pentium pc booted up as a
linux 2.2.16 kernel. bash says my terminal type in linux. emacs says my
terminal type is dumb terminal.

Any ideas?


Bill Gaughan

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