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sawfish? X-windows? emacspeak?

Hi listers,

Boy, this is loads of fun. A whole world is opening up to me in the world
of emacspeak. And from what everyone is saying it spells **FREEDOM**!

Q. What is Sawfish? Yes, I know it is a desktop for emacspeak. But, Should
I build it with X-Windows or without X?

Q. Do I need GTK and GNOME on my system. I never installed any of these
things because I assumed a blind person could not use them because they
were visual graphics and not text. Does sawfish make graphics on the www
intelligible to us?

Q. Do I need to install GLADE if I want to use the Sawfish themer?

Q. When the docs about emacspeak and the semantic www speak of the audible
desktop, do they mean we are using Sawfish with the sawfish themer?

Q. What are the software pre-required installs I need before I build

Folks, I really do know what I am doing. I just never heard of any of all
this stuff until last week.


Bill Gaughan

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