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What are .jl and .jlc files

Q. What are .jl and .jlc files. I assume they are the xemacs lisp file
types before and after compile. Just like .el and .elc for emacs without
the X.

Please if I don't need to do all of this, please let me know. I just want
to get the most out of my desktop as possible without using Ms Windows. I
want to use the linux and emacs environments.

Q. Do I need to run X-win and Xemacs to be successful in all of this?

Q. Where can I find a hands-on non-technical description of the emacspeak
audible desktop as I am understanding it with sawfish?

Or am I on the wrong track? I mostly have e-mail and internet browsing
needs. But, I want to get the most out of the net as possible..

Billy G

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