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Problems getting the Apollo 2 to work


I am a new emacspeak user.

I am wondering if anyone had this problem before, if so, how they managed to
get around it.

The problem is getting emacspeak to work properly  with the Apollo  2

I am using the emacspeak-ss version 1.7.  I installed it from the rpm.

Although, I am getting some output from the apollo, I seem to have very
limited access to the interface.  The up and down arrows work fine, but I
cannot read character by character with the left and right arrow keys.
Also, it does not speak anything as I type.

Can anyone tell me if there is some customisation that I have to do to get
this to work, or if it is a problem with my set-up

I am using emacspeak version 1.3, on red hat Linux release 6.2

Thanks for any help


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