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Audiory icons

Somebody please explain what is meant by auditory icons and the auditory
desktop in emacspeak?

I have emacspeak 14.0 and emacs 20.7.2 running. All I get is speech and
occational boops and beeps like for blank lines and when I kill a buffer
or something. I would describe the emacspeak I am in as a chain of
cascading buffers, put not a desktop like it is meant in Windows. That's
why I keep asking questions about X-win and sawfish.

Where do I get these auditory icons. Are they a separate tar-gz (package)
I need to download, separate from emacspeak? And why are they called
icons, if emacspeak is a chain of cascading buffers as work areas and not
a true desktop?  Somebocy set me on the right road, here. I am still
trying to shake off the MS Windows winter cold for the spring-time of
refreshing emacspeak.

Thanks, all.

Bill Gaughan

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