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Re: emacspeak calculator?


I tried to wget your book since my best opportunities for study seem to
come when I'm off-line. Scripted downloads are, however, blocked from
your site. Might you post your book in a single-file archive of some
kind for easy download? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, Robert J. Chassell wrote:

>    Isn't that a typo below?
> Yes, as you say, it should have been:
>    (dired "/ftp@ftp.digex.net:/pub/gnu/calc" nil)
> Thank you for catching this.
>    Also, are you the Robert Chassell that wrote: "Introduction to GNU
>    Emacs Lisp"?
> Yes, I am he.  My apologies for taking so long to respond -- I am just
> back from a long trip and very busy.  I hardly have time to look at
> messages from this newsgroup.
>    If so; its a pleasure to hear from, now that is an excellent
>    manual.  I enjoyed every bit of it.
> Thank you!
>     It should be the first book mastered by every computer user and
>     Emacspeak user.  It should be the first book used in grade school
>     when first learning how to use or program a computer.
> Please try to persuade you local school of this!  You might remind
> them that in some places, students use software that they are
> forbidden by law and practicality to study!  Even though we know that
> students claim to hate studying, and that few will study software,
> studying is important.
> A school should always use software that students can study and
> modify; it should avoid software tools that are proprietary, that come
> without sources and without the legal right to study, copy, modify,
> and redistribute.  A school that forbids studying betrays its mission.

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