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emacspeak on solaris


I installed emacspeak-14.0 on solaris 8. i use DECtalk express. when I tried 
"tcl dtk-exp", it says "stdiosynth executable not found". I can't find a 
version of stdiosynth for solaris. I got the "%" tcl prompt. Then, whatever 
I type, it won't be echoed back to my terminal. and when i tried "d {this is 
a test}; s", nothing happened. sometimes it hangs and i can't get out of 
tcl. when i can exit tcl, i can't type anything in my C shell prompt.

then i tried using emacspeak with emacs. when i started it, it says "Process 
speaker not running". I tried "ctrl-e d d" to select a server, that didn't 
work either, with the same "Process speaker not running" message.

I have already set the env variables before I started emacspeak:

setenv DTK_PROGRAM dtk-exp
setenv DTK_OS Solaris (i've tried lowercase 'solaris' as well)
setenv DTK_PORT /dev/ttya

do you have any ideas what i'm missing? do you think i should use an older 
version of emacspeak? if so, which version should i use?

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