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Ok. w3m.el does actually work with emacspeak already, to a point. For
non debian users, the web address is 
It seems to be only in japanese, but if you can get through the junk
the download link seems to be there.

Just a quick warning, the default key bindings for up and down arrow
are next and previous anchor, and it'll only read the URL's.  
left and right  are view this url and view previous page. You can
easily enough read the page, though. Either redefine the keys or use
space or page down or even read rest of buffer to read the page.

I've just downloaded it, so I have no idea what the advantages might
be over w3 or whether it draws faster or whether it can be programmed
to read the name of the link you're tabbing to. I'll have a play with
it and let everyone know unless someone else manages it before I do.

If it's even *slightly* faster than w3 on big pages, I'll be using it
at least part of the time in desperation. It beats the hell out of
what I'm doing now on big pages, which is cancel it when it starts
drawing and getting lynx to display it instead.
This is ok if you don't need any of the links on the page, but if you
do you've just got to grit your teeth and let it take 5 minutes to
draw the damned page, <grin>.

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