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Re: ralplayer and emacspeak

1) you should install trplayer
emacspeak will drive that and give you much better control.
Unless your sound card is multichannel smart you're hosed
with respect to playing multiple audio streams on Linux at present.
>>>>> "Gary" == Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com> writes:

    Gary> My copy of the realplayer7 fails to load with the
    Gary> message "player expired. you must upgrade" ... and
    Gary> installing realplayer8 fixed the problem.  The
    Gary> annoying part is that the emacspeak symptom was
    Gary> that realaudio simply failed to make any sound; I
    Gary> had to run realplayer inside X to see the message.

    Gary> Speaking of realplayer, is it normal to have no
    Gary> control over the trplayer when used with ViaVoice?
    Gary> We found we had to hack a new key to kill trplayer
    Gary> to shut it down, and while it was playing, every
    Gary> emacspeak command just beeps with the printed
    Gary> message that the sound is unavailable.  Is this
    Gary> normal or just an artifact of our particular sound
    Gary> card?

    Gary> -- Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@linux.ca>: office
    Gary> voice/fax: 01 519 4222723 T(C)Inc Business
    Gary> Innovations through Open Source
    Gary> http://www.teledyn.com KernelWiki Community Linux
    Gary> Docs: http://kernelbook.sourceforge.net/wiki

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