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Ipaq, Linux, Emax, EmacSpeak, Festival

Hi all,

As I explained in my previous email, my master's project is to design a
speech synthetisiser for iPaQ. From the answers I got, here are another set
of questions raised ! Thanks for your help.

The Ipaq I will be using is the last one H3660 (I think) that has 64 Mo of
memory. As the aim of the project is visual impear users, I will also use a
keyboard for iPaQ. The keyboard is : Targus Stowaway Keyboard for the Compaq
iPAQ Pocket PC

***I am constrained to the use of FREE OPEN SOURCE softwares***
For this reason, I have chosen to install Linux+Emacs+EmacSpeak+Festival on
the iPaQ.
Is it a good choice beside the problem of floating point calculation ?
What would be the choice ?

I want to know wich Linux distribution for iPaQ is the best.
I want as well to know if this distribution include a support of the
Can I install a distribution "Lambda" of Linux on the iPaQ, then add some
extra packtages from an distribution "Omega" to my iPaQ ?
Is there a special version of Debian targeted to iPaQ ? Where can I find it

Some of the replies I got from my first post outline the fact that Festival
as most of the speech processing tool software use floating point
calculation. The IpaQ ARM processor are not able to perform this kind of
calculation. So a significant effort may be requiered to port.
Is it the case as well with rsynth ?
Does anybody knows any speech synthetisiser usable under Linux, free and
open source that is not using floating point calculation ?

I have been told that there are precompiled arm items on Debian (Emacs,
EmacSpeak, Festival). Has anybody ever try them or has them actually working
on a PDA (ideally an iPaQ) ?

Once again thanks a lot in advance for your help !


Latyr Jean-Luc FAYE

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