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Laptops and Internal Soundcards

Mario Lang writes:
 > Hello.
 > Could anyone working with a Laptop and Emacspeak/ViaVoice
 > please report if this worked fine with the internal soundcard?
 > I am looking forward to buy one, but I am kind of afraid
 > that the soundcard will only support 11/22/44khz which
 > is kind of a problem with viavoice.
 > Any hints and problem report are welcome.
 > Especially with Vaio series.

I'm using emacspeak and viavoice on a Toshiba without any major
problems. As far as I can tell, you should be fine if you just take
the usual precautions you have to take with linux and laptops. Check
the linux laptop page to see whether the soundcard will work with
linux and if it does if there're any restrictions. Also, depending on
how fast your laptop is, try not to skimp on ram. Mine's only a 64,
and I find on my lowend machine it's a bit sluggish and if I had the
cash I'd upgrade it to 128 in a second.

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