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Re: Problems with emacspeak/bbdb/vm with emacs20.7.3

          Hi Cheryl,

>>>>> "CH" == Cheryl Homiak writes:

CH> Am using debian with doubletalk-lt.  Upgraded from potato to woody; emacs
CH> was supposedly upgraded from 20.7.2 to 20.7.3.  First of all, when I type
CH> "emacs -version" I get 20.7.2 but when I check dpkg it says I have
CH> 20.7.3.

Really these are two different version numbers.  Emacs version 20.7.2
means that you have Emacs 20.7 compiled in second time.  I think last
digit in this case doesn't make much sense.
In the version which dpkg says last number means version of a package
containing Emacs 20.7.  The whole version number in this case should
be of the form 20.7-3.

CH> Secondly, when I load emacspeak14 I get sound ok, but I also get a warning
CH> beep and the last  two lines have *compile-log* (along with the usual
CH> things and a message about a variable.  At first it was "assign
CH> free variable
CH> emacspeak-last-message" 

When exactly du you get these messages?  What exactly these messages
are?  You could turn on debug-on-error by the command
toggle-debug-on-error and show a backtrace in the case you are getting
an error.

CH> and after I removed all mention of bbdb from my .vm file I started
CH> getting "variable "symbol's function definition is void:
CH> bbdb-initialize".  Couldn't use vm until I removed all references
CH> to bbdb from my .vm.

It seems to me You haven't put in ~/.vm or ~/.emacs the form
(require 'bbdb).

Best Regards,

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