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Problems with emacspeak/bbdb/vm with emacs20.7.3

Am using debian with doubletalk-lt.  Upgraded from potato to woody; emacs
was supposedly upgraded from 20.7.2 to 20.7.3.  First of all, when I type
"emacs -version" I get 20.7.2 but when I check dpkg it says I have 20.7.3.
Secondly, when I load emacspeak14 I get sound ok, but I also get a warning
beep and the last  two lines have *compile-log* (along with the usual
things and a message about a variable.  At first it was "assign
free variable
emacspeak-last-message" and after I removed all mention of bbdb from my
.vm file I started getting "variable "symbol's function definition is
void:  bbdb-initialize".  Couldn't use vm until I removed all references
to bbdb from my .vm.  Am going to downgrade back to 20.7.2 to see if that
solves the problem unless somebody has an idea as to the problem.  I don't
believe vm was upgraded; it's still 6.72.  I just realized that if I quit
emacspeak and start over I am put in a scratch buffer as I should be and
that's when I get "assign free variable emacspeak-last-message".  I think
it may be a problem with bbdb rather than directly an emacspeak/emacs
problem.  Yes, I just took everything to do with bbdb out of my .emacs
file and that eliminates all problems.  Is there anything I can do to be
able to restore use of bbdb?


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