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Re: What is full path name to the ViaVoice speech server?

My, myself and I wrote:
 >I've got ViaVoice TTS working (cmdlinespeak speaks through my
 >soundblaster card).  Are the following answers correct?  I'm
 >unsure about "the full path name" and whether the speech server
 >is a TCL script.

I've searched the archives for clues and found two messages:
 - from Tim Cross (2 Dec 2000)
 - from Bill Gaughan (4 Jun 2001)

Both mention keystroke "C-e d d" (one uses a prefix argument) to
select a speech server.  I get: "Process speaker not running" and am
unable to get to a prompt and enter the speech server.

I think i really need to step-back and enter correct information
during package configuration step
("/var/lib/dpkg/info/emacspeak.postinst configure").


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