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What is full path name to the ViaVoice speech server?

I've got ViaVoice TTS working (cmdlinespeak speaks through my
soundblaster card).  Are the following answers correct?  I'm
unsure about "the full path name" and whether the speech server
is a TCL script.

debian:/var/lib/dpkg/info# ./emacspeak.postinst configure
Please enter the number of your choice:

   1  DECtalk Express
   2  DECtalk Multivoice
   3  DECtalk 3
   o  other.  I can provide the filename
   a  abort, and restart configuration after
      installation of another speech server package
Number [1]: o
Please enter the name of the synthesizer [DECtalk Express]: ViaVoice
Is the speech server a TCL script?  [n]: n
Please enter the full path name of the ViaVoice speech server []: /usr/lib/ViaVoiceTTS
Is the ViaVoice connected to a serial port? [n]: n
Please enter the device (for example, /dev/lp0):  [/dev/lp0]: /dev/audio
install/emacspeak: Byte-compiling for emacs20  (~5.7 min)...done.
Compilation log saved to /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/emacspeak/install.log

* * *

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