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Re: Patch: Allow Emacspeak to work with 8-bit characters

>>>>> "TVR" == T V Raman <raman@cs.cornell.edu> writes:

    TVR> 1) TTS engines barf on multibyte input at present.

I think that is unrelated issue, as others have already explained.

    TVR> 2) There are portions of emacspeak s own internals (modules
    TVR> emacspeak-speak.el, dtk-speak.el and dtk-tcl.el) that have
    TVR> unibyte dependencies

It's possible, but I'm not aware of the problems.  If anyone can be more
specific, I can try to fix them.  For me, Emacspeak seems to work with
the patch, but I'm not a regular Emacspeak user.  The patch is now under
testing by a person quite dependent on Emacspeak and he hasn't reported
any problems (not present in the non-patched version) yet.

    TVR> So the patch below is mostly meaningless since all it does is
    TVR> to carefully undo the protection that was put into emacspeak to
    TVR> avoid problems mentioned with running speech with multibyte.

This is quite not true.  The patch is "backward compatible" -- unless
you set the newly introduced variable `emacspeak-unibyte-p' to nil,
Emacspeak should behave exactly the same way as before.  On the other
hand, if someone is e.g. a Latin-2 user, he can now use Emacspeak
without problems.  Without the patch, he can't use Emacspeak at all with
his language.

Frankly, I don't know what are the reasons for running Emacspeak in
unibyte, it only causes problems with languages other than English IMHO,
I can't observe any problems with the multibyte mode personally.  I can
understand there can be problems with 8-bit characters in some TTS
systems, but not with all TTS systems and I can't see any reason why not
to make the 8-bit protection optional.  And I don't understand how is
that related to the uni/multibyte mode of Emacs.

Could you please give some example of the problems you are talking about
above?  For what reason do you consider the patch being a meaningless
hack?  I'd like to fix it, if I understand the problems.



Milan Zamazal

The world is not something you can wrap your head around without needing years
of experience.                              -- Kent M. Pitman in comp.lang.lisp

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