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eshell and emacspeak

I was just wondering if anyone  else is using the new emacspeak
enabled eshell mode in emacspeak 14?

I'm getting some truly odd behaviour and wondering if I'm doing
something wrong or if that's what everyone gets. 

Firstly, up and down arrows are still bound to prev/next history
instead of prev/next line. I easily fixed that myself, but is there
actually a reason for this?

Now for the strange stuff.  If I su to another user, e.g. root, eshell
no longer talks. I've looked through the emacspeak eshell code and
can't think of any reason for this.

Also, doing something like hitting enter at a prompt reads the entire
previous command output, instead of just the prompt as it does in
shell mode.

Are there reasons for these things? Am I not enabling eshell mode
properly? Any ideas?

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