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eshell and emacspeak

>>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Smith <yvonne@thewatch.net> writes:

    Yvonne> I was just wondering if anyone else is using the
    Yvonne> new emacspeak enabled eshell mode in emacspeak
    Yvonne> 14?
I use it at times.

    Yvonne> I'm getting some truly odd behaviour and
    Yvonne> wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if
    Yvonne> that's what everyone gets.
None of it is really odd --it's mostly how eshell behaves.

    Yvonne> Firstly, up and down arrows are still bound to
    Yvonne> prev/next history instead of prev/next line. I
customize this with eshell --
emacspeak has nothing to do with it.
    Yvonne> easily fixed that myself, but is there actually
    Yvonne> a reason for this?

    Yvonne> Now for the strange stuff.  If I su to another
    Yvonne> user, e.g. root, eshell no longer talks. I've
    Yvonne> looked through the emacspeak eshell code and
    Yvonne> can't think of any reason for this.
I never su using eshell --
su  forks a subprocess 
and at that point eshell degrades because the commands you
     execute are no longer native emacs commands.
You're better off doing su using a regular comint shell for
     this reason-- use convenience command 

    Yvonne> Also, doing something like hitting enter at a
    Yvonne> prompt reads the entire previous command output,
    Yvonne> instead of just the prompt as it does in shell
    Yvonne> mode.
Again this is intentional.
you typically set eshell up so most of your commands
    Yvonne> actually turn into elisp equivalents --and dont
     spit output on to the eshell buffer.
so find, grep, compile etc --become emacs friendly--

if you want to use eshell well, you should spend some time
reading  the eshell info pages --it has a lot of power,
but if you just think of it as regular old comint you will
not get much out  of it.

    Yvonne> Are there reasons for these things? Am I not
    Yvonne> enabling eshell mode properly? Any ideas?
eshell is heavily customizable --try M-x customize-group 
eshell --after you read the info pages.
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