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Re: trying out emacspeak

       Can I thank everyone for their advice. I tried using
ViaVoice before and had a few problems, but mostly with the MIDI,
which I can't get to work on my machine (believe my I have
tried. Among other things I am a musician). 

       I gave it another bash, and got it working. There 
were a few minor problems. I had to change permissions of a couple of
files to a+r manually (eci.ini, and the outload shared libraries). 

       It all seems to be working nicely now. I tried it out on 
Java files....oh my god it does syntax highlighting!! Never expected
      I've never used a screen-reader or other such support before
so I am not really a fit person to comment on how good it is. But I
will anyway, and say its looks very impressive. I shall give a
demonstration next week to my colleague. 



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